Business Intelligence

Shepherd has transformed the way analytics are collected and analyzed, leaving you more informed than ever, Shepherd bridges the gap in knowledge absence, providing you with all technical and analytical data necessary for your personnel to make decisions based on real time data rather than assumptions. Customizable relevant data is accessible from any device at any time, ultimately enabling you to tackle opportunities proactively. Business leaders are able to access and customize aggregate reports, that provide them with a holistic and in depth view of all work related matters, keeping them constantly informed and aware.

Data Visualization

Shepherd has created a one-of-kind experience to give management and employees an intuitive yet practical sleek way of understanding business intelligence. Interactive infographics, tables, and charts are updated in real-time to help your company effortlessly comprehend its analytical and technical data.

Data Mining & Warehousing

Data mining is very useful and timesaving in the digital age. Shepherd’s system can identify and flag optimal and/or unusual activity by a company’s employees - whether an employee’s expenses are uncharacteristically high in one month or their attendance drops suddenly. Company leaders can easily see which weekdays employees complete the most tasks, what months they take time off, and how they use the functionalities of Shepherd mobile app.

Shepherd mines the database to provide real-time functional data on employee activity and company outcomes. Shepherd warehouses all of the user data in one central aggregated database with real-time access, providing immediate analytics.

Decision Making & Planning

Shepherd provides management and HR with the aggregate data and industry-specific insights to guide decision-making. Our solution assists in your company’s business planning by mining data from each company’s own employee pool and surfacing usage history.


Business Modeling

Shepherd’s data aggregation and analysis helps companies visually create advanced business models for sales, marketing, research, and product development activities. In addition, modeling can be utilized to plan adjustments in organizational management structure to investment or cost cutting plans to workforce growth strategies. Shepherd blends data mining, employee engagement, and project management to create an incredibly practical tool for business leaders.


Shepherd provides aggregated reports from data mining and relevant information making reporting easier than ever. Infographics for items like payroll data, employee retention, workweek hours, task completion, training, and expenses are regularly updated and can easily be sorted, adjusted, shared, and downloaded or exported into external programs (Microsoft Office and more).